The Interview – Kamiakin, 2005 PRE Stallion

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Pamela sits down with Kam to discuss his background, how he feels about his partnership with Susan and his thoughts on the future.

Photo by Scott Stanley 2013


Pamela: I notice you have an unusual name will you share with us what it means?

Kamiakin: This name was given to me by my breeder, Ami McHugh. She has been known to name all new foals born in a given year with a common theme. She is also very interested in Native American history and from that interest came my name. Pronounced Kam-EYE-ah-kin, I am named after an influential leader of the Yakama people, Chief Kamiakin (1800-1877). I have to tell you, no one calls me Kamiakin. I am most often called by my nickname, Kam, but you know these girls….they make up names for me all the time. I have heard this is a sign of great affection.


Pamela: Can you tell us more about where you came from?

Kamiakin: I was bred by Ami McHugh at Jackass Mountain Ranch in Southeast Washington State. I lived out on the ranch with the herd for my first two years. The best life a young horse could have. Then Katie Hill, one of my current owners came and saw something special in me. She selected me as the stallion at the center of her breeding program at Waterway Farms in Oregon. She worked hard to make sure I got a good start under saddle and when she and her family relocated to Europe they dispersed their herd and found a place for me with Susan Treabess at Somerset Farm in Northern California. I have to say, I am a very lucky fellow. I have always had excellent conditions under which to grow and develop, with exceptional people very knowledgeable about the needs of horses to care for me.


Pamela:  Do you have a large family?

Kamiakin: Well, in a word, Yes! My parents are Kianto and Rafaga JIM. Ami breeds horses to be ridden. She strives to produce a horse with excellent bone and muscle; beautiful, yes, but more importantly strong and useful, going well under saddle. She has a large breeding program and when a cross produces a fine looking foal, she repeats it! The better the babies turn out, the more often the cross is repeated. I don’t want to brag, but I have lots of brothers and sisters – there are 8 of us that are full siblings! My mom and dad have produced some fine horses!! You may have heard of my brothers who are National Champions; Davidoso AK, Fiador, and Denali, all with multiple national titles for morphology and movement.

I have also produced some fine youngsters myself. All of my offspring are young yet; two of them live here at Somerset Farm, Ajax and Lorana. Kamikai is my 2012 colt out of Gabacha AK. He was the winner of the 2013 Pin Oak Champion Yearling Futurity and also won Champion 2 Year Old at that show. I am a proud papa!


Pamela:I have talked to your riders Susan and Eva (who rode you while Susan was pregnant with Logan) and the first characteristic they commented upon is your work ethic. How did you develop your excellent work ethic?

Kamiakin: Develop it? Honey, this is just the way I am. Is there another way to be?


Photo by Lindsay Yosay McCall 2013

Pamela: Tell us the truth, what’s it like to have Susan Treabess as your partner?

Kamiakin: Have you seen us together? We make a great team. Susan is a fierce competitor….she likes to win! She is also fair and knows what a horse needs to be happy. She has a great sense of humor, which I appreciate. And she has a great work ethic!! I think we are well matched….you can see why we are such a dynamic duo!


Pamela: You’ve won some impressive awards and you are on track to become an International competitor representing your country at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. How do you stay so humble?

Kamiakin: I live a horse’s life here at Somerset Farm. Sure I clean up great, but what I really like is my stall and paddock and my daily turnout in my irrigated pasture. I have all of my people around me….Susan and Eva and Lexie and Dana. They take care of me and pamper me when I need it, but mostly they just let me be a horse. I have my friend Drake living next door; that kid is pretty funny – maybe you should interview him! And I only see myself in the mirror once a day when I train with Susan. That’s probably a good thing….have you seen how handsome I look when I am working?!


Pamela: Thank you for your time, Kam. Do you have any last words for your fans?

Kamiakin: I just want to say thanks for all of the support that is coming our way…..and come watch us wow ‘em in Normandy! We’ll have a party!

This article was written by pamela